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April 10, 2024

Ureteral Reimplantation Surgery

Chair: J. Tovar (Madrid - Spain)

Discussants: A. Bianchi (Manchester - UK), G. Riccipetitoni (Pavia - Italy), H. Till (Graz - Austria)

9.00 a.m.

Live sistematic reviews. Varese (Italy) V. Gentilino

Preparation of the operating table for Ureteral Reimplantation Surgery.

Bologna (Italy) F. Martelli

Tips and tricks of anesthesiology in Ureteral Reimplantation Surgery.

Bologna (Italy) L. Pasini

Ureteral reimplantation robotic Lich-Gregoir technique. (live surgery)

Siena (Italy) F. Molinaro

How I select the method of ureteric reimplantation in pneumovesicoscopy.

Abu Dhabi (UAE) A. Aljneibi

Tips and Tricks for a successful vesicoscopic Cohen reimplant.

Luxemburg (Luxemburg) P. Philippe

Clinical Case 1. Parma (Italy) E. Casolari

Ureteral reimplantation Cohen’s technique. (live surgery) Bologna (Italy) M. Lima

Ureteral reimplantation in megaureter. Providence (USA) A. Caldamone

Approach to the anomalies of junctional construct. London (UK) A. Cherian

Vesicoscopic complete repair of ureteroceles. Luxemburg (Luxemburg) P. Philippe

Question time (1). Varese (Italy) V. Gentilino

Extraperitoneal access to the uretero-vesical junction. Nantes (France) T. Loubersac

Ureteral reimplantation in REDO. (live surgery) Siena (Italy) M. Messina, F. Molinaro

Ureteric reflux, Dilatation and Reimplantation – To do or not to do! 

Manchester (UK) A. Bianchi

Complication of endoscopic treatment of vesico-ureteral reflux.

Pavia (Italy) G. Riccipetitoni

Clinical Case 2. Parma (Italy) E. Casolari

Ureteral reimplantation Cohen’s technique. (live surgery) Bologna (Italy) M. Lima

Open ureteric reimplant: what we did learn over thirthy years of experience.

Palermo (Italy) M. Cimador, M. Sergio

Question time (2). Varese (Italy) V. Gentilino

Complications and recurrences corner.

Pavia (Italy) G. Riccipetitoni, Bologna (Italy) T. Gargano

6.00 p.m.

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