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May 22, 2024

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Surgery

Chair: J. Tovar (Madrid - Spain)

Discussants: M. Rivosecchi (Roma - Italy), G. Riccipetitoni (Pavia - Italy), D. Patkowski (Wroclaw - Poland), M. Lima (Bologna - Italy)

9.00 a.m.

Live sistematic reviews. Varese (Italy) V. Gentilino

Crohn's disease Surgery. (live surgery) Bologna (Italy) G. Poggioli

Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in pediatric age: from diagnosis to therapy.

Messina (Italy) C. Romano

Crohn disease: medical and nutritional treatment when surgery will be indicated. 

Parma (Italy) F. Vincenzi

Colonscopy in Crohn disease. (live surgery) Pavia (Italy) A. Raffaele

Personalized therapy in IBD. Bologna (Italy) P. Gionchetti

Complicated Crohn disease: Endoscopy versus surgery. Parma (Italy) F. Fornaroli

Clinical Case 1. Bologna (Italy) M. Di Mitri

Colonscopy in Crohn's disease. (live surgery) Bologna (Italy) P. Gionchetti

Question time (1). Varese (Italy) V. Gentilino

Multidisciplinary  management in pediatric Acute Severe Ulcerative Colitis (ASUC).

Roma (Italy) T. Caldaro, E.Romeo

Ulcerative colitis Surgery. (live surgery) Bologna (Italy) G. Poggioli

Next-Gen Surgical Imaging in Action: Michelassi Stricturoplasty for Jejunal Substenosis with RUBINA Lens NIR/ICG 90. Firenze (Italy) R. Coletta

Intestinal stem cells and disease. London (UK) P. De Coppi

Clinical Case 2. Bologna (Italy) I. Manghi

Colonscopy in Crohn's disease. (live surgery) Bologna (Italy) P. Gionchetti

Question time (2). Varese (Italy) V. Gentilino

A terrible case of ulcerative colitis. Pavia (Italy) G. Riccipetitoni

SILS approach in IBD Surgery. Pavia (Italy) G. Riccipetitoni

Complications and recurrences corner.

Pavia (Italy) G. Riccipetitoni, Bologna (Italy) T. Gargano

6.00 p.m.

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