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November 23, 2022

Hypospadias and Epispadias Surgery

Chairs: G. Riccipetitoni, Pavia (Italy)

Discussants: A. Bianchi, Manchester (UK) - G. Di Iorio, Napoli (Italy) - S. Cascio, Dublin (Ireland)


9.00 a.m.

Distal hypospadias. (live surgery) Bologna (Italy) M. Maffi, M. Lima

Preparation of the operating table for Hypospadias surgery. Bologna (Italy) F. Martelli

Tips and tricks of anesthesiology in hypospadias surgery. Bologna (Italy) L. Pasini

Distal hypospadias. (live surgery) Jerusalem (Israel) B. Chertin

Distal hypospadias. (live surgery) Siena (Italy) M. Messina

Proximal hypospadias: first step of Braka technique. (live surgery) Pavia (Italy) P. Romano

Epispadias. (live surgery) Luxemburg M.D. Leclair, P. Philippe

Proximal hypospadias. (live surgery) Bologna (Italy) M. Libri, M. Lima

Proximal hypospadias. (live surgery) Jerusalem (Israel) B. Chertin

Proximal hypospadias. (live surgery) Palermo (Italy) M. Cimador

Proximal hypospadias: second step of Braka technique. (live surgery) Pavia (Italy) P. Romano

Hypospadias repair in the 21st century: How internet helps in the improvement of

individual surgical technique. Dublin (Ireland) S. Cascio

The Peer Review Process: Fact or Fiction Rhode Island (USA) A. Caldamone

Guidelines for Reporting Hypospadias Studies Hamilton - Ontario (Canada) L. Braga

Hypospadias and postoperative management. Napoli (Italy) A. Papparella, C. Noviello

Distal hypospadias repair using the needle point bipolar cutting-coagulation forceps.

Catania (Italy) V. Bagnara

Question time. Bologna (Italy) E. Thomas

Clinical cases.Bologna (Italy) S. D’Antonio

6.00 p.m.

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