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March, 30, 2022

Surgery and minimally invasive surgery of ureteral reimplantation

Chairs: M. Messina, F. Varlet
Discussant: A. Bianchi, B. Chertin, H. Till, S. Cacciaguerra, E. Casolari


08.00 a.m.

Robotic treatment of VUR, Lich-Gregoir technique. (live surgery) Genova G. Mattioli

Surgical treatment of VUR, Cohen technique. (live surgery)  Bologna M. Lima

Preparation of the operating table Bologna F. Martelli
Anesthetic management for ureteral reimplantation Bologna L. Pasini

Endoscopic treatment of VUR. (live surgery)  Palermo M. Cimador

Removal of Hutch's diverticulum (with endoscopic and laproscopic techniques) and ureteral reimplantation sec. Lich-Gregoir. (live surgery) Pavia G. Riccipetitoni

Vesicoscopic resection of ureterocele, with reconstruction of the bladder floor and reimplantation of the refluxing lower pole ureter. (live surgery)  Luxenbourg P. Philippe

Surgical treatment of VUR, Politano-Leadbetter technique.(live surgery)  Palermo M. Cimador

Laparoscopic treatment of VUR, Lich-Gregoir techniqhe.(live surgery) Napoli G. Di Iorio

Laparoscopic treatment of VUR, Lich-Gregoir techniqhe. (live surgery)  Genova G. Mattioli

Surgical treatment of VUR, Cohen technique. (live surgery)  Milano G. Selvaggio

Hendren bilateral ureter tapering and reimplantation for giant megaureter (extravesical isolation only) G. Riccipetitoni

Question time G. Parente

Tips and tricks of robotic ureteral reimplantation B. Chertin

Tips and tricks of laparoscopic ureteral reimplantation F. Varlet

Tips and tricks of pneumovescicoscopic ureteral reimplantation P. Philippe

Tips and tricks of ureteral reimplantation of Cohen technique M. Lima

Clinical cases F. Varlet

06.00 p.m.

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