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February 28, 2024

Neurologically Impaired Children Surgery

Chair: J. Tovar - Madrid (Spain)

Discussants: A. Bianchi - Manchester (UK), D. Patkowski - Wroclaw (Poland), G. Riccipetitoni - Pavia (Italy),

M. Rivosecchi - Roma (Italy)

9.00 a.m.

Cerebral palsy and the Pediatric Surgeon.  Roma (Italy) M. Rivosecchi

Anaestesia of children with neurological problems for surgical procedures.  

Wroclaw (Poland) M. Kosmider-Zurawska, A. Kubica

Anestesiology in neurologically impaired children.  Genova (Italy) A. Wolfler

Nutritional stomas - Gastrostomy:

  • Perendoscopic Gastrostomy  Milano (Italy) E. Destro

  • Radiologic Gastrostomy  London (UK) P. De Coppi

  • Laparoscopic Gastrostomy  Utrecht (Netherlands) M. Y. A. Lindeboom

  • Bianchi Gastrostomy  Manchester (UK) A. Bianchi

  • Devices  Bologna (Italy) B. Randi

Nutritional stomas - Jejunostomy:

  • Jpeg  London (UK) P. De Coppi

  • Devices  Bologna (Italy) B. Randi

Nutritional stomas - Complication: local, displacement, rupture of the device, readmission

Milano (Italy) F. Destro

Question time. Varese (Italy) V. Gentilino

Antireflux Surgery:

  • Laparoscopic fundoplicatio Toupet technique.  Utrecht (Netherlands) M. Y. A. Lindeboom

  • Laparoscopic fundoplicatio Nissen. (live surgery)  Bologna (Italy)  M. Lima

  • Open fundoplicatio. Roma (Italy) F. De Peppo

  • Robotic fundoplicatio (live surgery)

Genova (Italy) G. Mattioli, Pavia (Italy) G. Riccipetitoni 

Long-term results and complications of anti-reflux surgery in neurologically impaired children. Milano (Italy) G. Pelizzo

Salivary ducts ligation in neurologically impaired children. Roma (Italy) F. De Peppo

What you don't find in books. Luxembourg (Luxembourg) P. Philippe

Live sistematic review. Varese (Italy) V. Gentilino

Total esophago-gastric dissociation:

  • History. Manchester (UK) A. Bianchi

  • Live Surgery. Bologna (Italy) M. Lima

  • Live Surgery. Genova (Italy) G. Mattioli

  • Causistic. Siena (Italy) M. Messina, F. Molinaro

Urinary problems in neurologically impaired children. Parma (Italy) E. Casolari

Question time. Varese (Italy) V. Gentilino

Complication corner: clinical cases.

Pavia (Italy) G. Riccipetitoni, Bologna (Italy) T. Gargano

6.00 p.m.

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